Original Artwork

Ballpoint pen, ink on paper, collage, upcycled frame

25.0cm (w) x 33.0cm (h)


A simple message reflecting upon the little-known burden of ‘The mental load’. The mental load can be defined as the continuous cycle of thinking, planning and organising domestic life. It’s seen as a feminist issue, because it tends to disproportionately fall on women in relationships with men, and those with families. Women are taught from a young age to keep everything in the home under control, while men are often raised to believe domesticity simply isn’t their thing, some shirking responsibility, others faking incompetence to get out of it. The mental load takings its toll over time as women shoulder responsibility of home life in addition to their work and social life. The uniform teardrop shape shows the difficulty in expressing and identifying the severity of the toll the mental load takes. The ripped patchwork background suggests the notion of ‘holding it together’.


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