Original Artwork

Ballpoint pen, ink and acrylic on paper, silver flakes, upcycled frame

52cm (w) x 67cm (h)


'Stromal networking’ was inspired by the 2017 Immunology paper of the same name, co-authored by Dr Alice Denton and Dr Michelle Linterman.


The artwork seeks to give context to the intricate and complex relationships of mesenchymal stromal cells and immune cells involved in protective immunity, by viewing the process holistically at the lymph node level.


Chemokine gradients created by stromal cells are highlighted in silver and gold, demonstrating high expression of CCL19/21 and CXCL13 in the medulla T cell zone and B cell follicles respectively. Each immune cell population is highlighted in a distinct colour, Red: stromal cells [follicular dendritic cells (FDCs)], Blue: T cells, Green: Proliferating B cells. Note that these tend to be associated with specific areas of the germinal centre; the aptly named light zone, or dark zone.


By taking a step back to view these individually detailed processes as a whole, it is possible to appreciate the daedalian beauty behind the mechanics of launching an immune response. Whilst also providing an anchor point for the uninitiated to discover these intriguing cells responsible for honing the body’s response to infection.

Stromal Networking

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