Original Artwork

Ballpoint pen, ink on paper, upcycled frame.

45cm (w) x 55cm (h)


A reflection of the artist's perception of motherhood, as a woman of childbearing age and with the legal right to choice of contraception, having worked on EPAU wards, though no experience or want to experience pregnancy. This is the finale piece in the 'Development' series, following on from stem cells and gestation.


The size and grandeur of the piece, signifies the phenomenal end product of the pregnancy process (the cellular and foetal pieces being much smaller). Secondly the artist conveys the beauty that many people see in pregnancy, emphasised in the smoothness and neatness of the piece's arrangement. The roses are symbolic of the unconditional love mothers' have with their children once born and bonded, it often takes time, but it happens. They also are to emphasis the roundness of the uterus and breasts, and curl of the foetus. The sphere being the most energetically favourable shape in the universe and to what many natural forms conform to. Finally, the artist chose to exclude the mother's face from this view. Whilst pregnancy by definition involves the new life forming in the womb, it also by prerequisite, requires the mother. The artist comments that often the mother is dehumanised whilst pregnant, or at the very least loses part or all of her unique identity of herself besides carrying this new title and privilege of 'mother'. 


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