Original Artwork

Ballpoint pen, ink and arcylic on paper and canvas, 

32cm (w) x 45cm (h)


'Cambridge Seen'. Essentially what does Cambridge mean to you? My artwork here depicts that in my own unique style. To me, Cambridge represents opportunity. Tradition. Gentrification. Beauty. Ideas. Drive. Oh yeah, and we have a pretty damn fine river. 

I chose to play on the city of Cambridge heraldry. Thus acknowledging the existence of the townie but also the pomp and circumstance of tradition surrounding the gownie side of the city. The lower half is a copy of the crest, showing the river cam and symbolising our many very cool bridges. The upper I have morphed into a section of the brain, (inspired by a wellcome collection model) the two white roses on the original crest blooming outwards from the parietal lobes. These deal with sensory and perception information, a symbol of how we interpret Cambridge as we see it. Roses are also typically a symbol of love and beauty so fitting here as Cambridge is picturesque. The brain itself embodies all that I love and am frustrated about with this city. Bursting with knowledge and connections yet still often, a complete mystery. 

Cambridge Seen

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