Visible spectrum

Frequency Range (Hz)  4-7.5*10^14    

Wavelength Range 750nm - 400nm

Monochrome, though usually thought of as black and white, in scientific terms covers the entire visible spectrum of colour. Poetically, both ways of understanding monochrome highlights the large ‘grey’ areas of art, medicine, and science that do not hold a clearly defined black and white answer. It’s largely in this grey area that we find ourselves as humans, contemplating ethics and existence and the complexities of feelings.

Dale Vulpes Vulpes's monochrome phase was predominantly centred around finding her comfortable baseline as an artist, establishing a foundation of techniques and subjects within her ordinary repertoire. Professionally it was a pressure test of the tastes of her collectors and new audiences. Several pieces of the monochrome collection have been exhibited in Cambridge and London, UK. 

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