About Dale Vulpes Vulpes 

Samantha currently works in the pharmaceutical industry, practicing art under her artistic alter ego Dale Vulpes Vulpes. 'Vulpes Vulpes' denotes the genus and species of the European red fox; a tribute to her namesake. Samantha considers herself a modern day polymath, you can learn more about her non-artistic work via her personal site Samantha Dale Fox

Dale Vulpes Vulpes focuses on medical science as a multidisciplinary subject matter. Previously, she has obtained a degree in Biomedical Sciences and is currently studying for her master's in Medical Ethics and Law at King's College London. Her dissertation thesis focuses on questions surrounding psychiatric clinical trial research. Dale aspires to complete a PhD in clinically relevant basic science the future.


In addition to her studies, Dale has worked in many healthcare relevant roles: as a health care assistant in NHS hospitals and care homes, as a laboratory scientist, and as a medical information scientist at global pharamaceutical company AstraZeneca. Her encounters of medical science, through study and personal observation, inspire her work.


Influenced by the biomorphic experiments of the surrealists and early technical medical drawings, her work emphasises the intellectual and emotional disconnect humans have with our understanding of ourselves. It seeks to emphasise these disconnects and expose elements typically unseen. Dale Vulpes Vulpes achieves this by depicting the many facets that comprise humans, anatomical through to molecular, juxtaposing familiar elements with the unfamiliar, inviting the viewer to question what it means to be human.

As an 'outsider artist' Dale Vulpes Vulpes predominantly works with ink and paper, though seeks to expand her repertoire whilst keeping with her artistic, environmental, and political values. She chooses to work principally with biro pens and other common place or upcycled materials. This is a homage to recognise her artist origins as child in poverty using the limited resource at hand, and to acknowledging how far she has developed in technical abilities and personal style. Dale wants her artwork not only to contemplate scientific and human themes, but also be a reflection of herself.

Her development is marked broadly by which colour movement she is working in. Currently Dale Vulpes Vulpes is in the blue phase, this sees her put in to practice learnings and critical feedback obtained from the last two phases. The blue phase will focus building upon previously popular works, developing upon what 'she got right'. Major themes explored in this phase are mental health (especially motifs of depression, self-love, and emptiness),

immunology (innate and aquired immunity), and growth. It also see Dale incorporate some of her feminist and public healthcare politics into the works. Most topically, the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

Besides the colour movement she is working in, Dale broadly divides her work into 'conscious' and 'unconscious'. Molecular, cellular, and some structural work of the unconscious all contain silver and gold components. These represent atoms forming together from stardust and evolving into something more precious; consciousness. Ergo, humans are greater than the sum of their parts. Gross anatomy and other works of the conscious instead contain one or three defined 'dots' within the work. These dots represent the moles on the left side of Dale's neck, symbolising the stardust's final physical manifestation: humanity. Other symbolic elements are incorporated through the itnermeshing of plants and flowers.


Dale Vulpes Vulpes produces only original pieces, no prints, so the work you own is truly exclusive. Each artwork is framed using unique frames ethically sourced from local antique and charity shops, in a process called upcycling, inpired by the 'Three R's' of animal research. All frames have been carefully cleaned and re-taped, though please note the odd scrape may still exist. Dale considers this a characterisation of the history of the artwork, not a flaw. 


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Dale Vulpes Vulpes is active within her wider local art and science communities. Some of her affiliations and collaborators are listed below. 



Sci Art Group 

University of Cambridge History of Art  

Pint of science, Creative Reactions

Cambridge Framing Centre


Art Centre and Gallery

Eagle Gallery


Science Gallery London


Sci Art Centre 






Life drawing, King's College, University of Cambridge

Medicine and the Arts: Humanising Healthcare, University of Cape Town

Fine Art, Sharnbrook Upper School

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